In order to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus checks on persons are temporarily reintroduced at Norway's internal Schengen border for 10 days from Monday 16 March at 0800 hours.

Checks on persons at the internal Schengen border means that all travellers into or out of the country must be prepared to produce a valid identity document. For Norwegian nationals the only valid identity and travel document outside the Nordic countries is their passport. This applies both in airports, ports and on land border crossing points.

- Police personnel will be redistributed within the police district in order to enhance the border control all the while maintaining our police operational activities, says chief of staff Pål Erik Teigen in Innlandet Police district.

Innlandet Police District will perform enhanced border control in close collaboration with the customs authorities and other collaborative bodies. Checks will be performed at several border crossing points.

People are encouraged to keep themselves updated on information published at the police’s website on as the situation may change.