Around 23:30 last night the police received a distress call reporting that a woman had been stabbed near the main bus stop in Sarpsborg while sitting in a car waiting for a relative. Few minutes later, another alert was called in, saying that another woman had been stabbed, this time at an address in St. Nikolas street. Ten minutes after the first alert, a last call reported the stabbing of the third and last victim, found at an address in Oskars gate.

One of the victims recognised the assailant, who was arrested in his home one hour after the receipt of the first call. The assailant is a 31 year old Norwegian national of foreign ethnic origin.

He will be charged with homicide and attempted homicide. The police plan to interview the assailant today. Vigdis Brandstorp has been appointed counsel for the assailant. From their interactions with the assailant, the police considered it necessary to have him examined by a physician and later committed to hospital. Enquiries are now being made as to whether or not the assailant’s mental condition may have had an impact on the events.

- As a result of last night’s tragic incidents, a woman in her 50’s was killed, and two other women were injured, one of them severely. The assailant has previously been convicted of acts of violence, says deputy Chief of Police Agnes Beate Hemiø. 

Investigations so far have revealed relations between the assailant and two of the victims. To this state, the police have no information of any relation between the deceased victim and the assailant.

The police wish to get in touch with possible witnesses to the incidents on the night of Wednesday, and persons who may have information pertinent to the investigation. Should you have any information in this regard, please contact the police on telephone: 64 99 40 60 or per email: