Troms police district is aware that criminal proceeds are being held in the following bitcoins address:


Companies or persons who receive funds from this address are requested to withhold the funds and contact the local police as soon as possible.

The police recommend people to be cautious if they receive e-mails that apparently come from people they know, and that recommend investing in cryptocurrencies.

- This is most likely fraud, and by following these recommendations you risk being manipulated and pressured to take actions that could give fraudsters control of your computer and your money, says Police Prosecutor Trude Kvanli of Troms police district.

Information about this address will also be disseminated to actors in the cryptocurrency industry in Norway and abroad that the Norwegian police are in contact with.

– By making the bitcoin address public the entire cryptocurrency industry is given equal opportunity to help us uncover who controls these funds, says Kvanli. - Furthermore, confiscation of proceeds of crime is a highly prioritised task, and we hope this approach increases the likelihood of returning these funds to the victim.

Troms police district also asks anyone who in good faith has received funds from this address to contact the police.

Økokrim (the Norwegian Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime) assists Troms police district in the investigation. The Norwegian police have previously warned against receiving funds from the following cryptocurrency addresses:



Press release (Norwegian)

Press release (English)






Troms police district can be contacted on email address:

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