Copy of the stolen passport.
Copy of the stolen passport.
FotoNorwegian Police.

The email address and identity was then used to create accounts at the cryptocurrency exchanges KuCoin, Binance and Huobi.

The perpetrators gave the following information when creating the accounts:

  • Copy of passport belonging to Ole Henrik Golf. Norwegian passport id: 29645413.
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +47 407 45 668
  • Address: Store Elvegate 16A, Mandal

The police investigation has revealed that a copy of Ole Henrik Golf's passport has been sold at Hansa Market and Dream market, which are former marketplaces on the dark web.

The stolen identity has also been used to create numerous fake e-mail addresses and telephone numbers in the name of Ole Henrik Golf, with no connection to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen's disappearance. Based on what the investigation has revealed so far, there is now reason to focus the investigation on this document, the phone number, e-mail address and company address.

The identity has turned up in numerous Norwegian criminal cases with no known connection to the disappearance. The police therefore believe members of the public may have had to do with the stolen identity without knowing that it has been used in the preparation of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen's disappearance.

Members of the public may have sold or shared the stolen identity with others, not knowing its role in Mrs Hagen's disappearance.

Individuals, businesses or others may have experienced identity fraud which includes this information.

The Norwegian police are now appealing for information from anyone who has come across the identity data, as their information may assist the investigation. Please contact the police.

Anyone who had anything to do with the identity must under the circumstances be prepared to be contacted by Norwegian police. The police wish to make it clear that the intention of this public appeal is not to prosecute those who contact the police about this identity. They are encouraged to come forward so that they can be eliminated from the investigation and hopefully help the police solve the serious crime committed against Anne-Elisabeth Hagen.

The investigation has revealed that Ole Henrik Golf is an innocent victim of identity theft. He has been fully eliminated from the investigation and is formally considered a witness in the case. The police are pleased that Mr Golf has consented to public disclosure of his identity.

Information in the case can be registered at Under the window "Tips i Anne-Elisabeth Hagen-saken", or by phone + 47 64 81 95 99.




A copy of Ole Henrik Golf's passport is attached to the press release. The passport is no longer a valid identity document. The national identity number has been censored by the police.

Assistant Chief of Police Gjermund Hanssen can be quoted.