In the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, the police implemented measures to raise preparedness levels and protect the petroleum industry. These measures will be upheld and strengthened following the explosions which damaged gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea.

– The incident in the Baltic Sea gives reason to maintain and strengthen these measures. However, we cannot comment upon the details of the individual measures. Our aim is to reduce vulnerability and protect assets in an unclear situation, states the Police Directorate’s Emergency Preparedness Director, Tone Vangen.

No specific threat

The Police Security Service is responsible for assessing threats facing Norway.

– The situation is grave, and several measures have already been implemented to ensure that we are as prepared as we can be, based on what we currently know. The Police Directorate is cooperating closely with the Police Security Service, and we are considering measures to respond to any developments in the threat situation, states Emergency Preparedness Director Vangen.

Monitoring the situation closely

The Police Directorate is also working closely with the police districts and other partner agencies and will continue to monitor the situation closely going forward.

– As things now stand, it will be important to coordinate the efforts of many different entities and to establish a shared understanding of what we are facing and the potential consequences. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and consider, as events unfold, what measures to take to contribute to civil-sector preparedness in Norway, concludes Director Vangen.