At 16:00, the police will hold a press conference at the police station at Grønlandsleiret 44.

  • Just after 12:30 today, the police received reports of a traffic accident at Rosenhoff in Oslo, where a car had overturned.

  • Subsequent reports described a man leaving the scene on foot, and that he was in possession of a firearm which he aimed at people.

  • The man then hijacked an ambulance and drove off at high speed.

  • The ambulance was pursued by the police and the officers involved were ordered to arm themselves. The police followed the ambulance to Torshov in Oslo, where officers fired shots at the ambulance to stop it. Another ambulance and a police car were also used to stop the stolen vehicle.

  • No-one was injured by the shots fired by the police.

  • When the police managed to stop the stolen ambulance, they found only the driver inside.

  • However, witnesses have reported that there was a woman in the car that overturned at Rosenhoff. It is believed that the man who stole the ambulance also drove this car. The woman is believed to have left the scene on foot. The woman has been identified by the police and efforts are underway to locate her. She is described as fair-skinned, 156 cm tall, wavy brown hair, wearing a black jacket and appearing to be intoxicated.

  • The stolen ambulance hit a baby carriage with two children inside, and three other persons were nearly hit by the ambulance. These five persons have been sent to hospital and the medical emergency centre.

  • The police are now examining the stolen ambulance.

  • As of yet, the police do not know for certain why the man stole the ambulance.

  • The police have implemented a number of measures, and a general arming order has been issued to all police officers in Oslo.

    EDIT: Since this press release was issued earlier this afternoon, a second person has been arrested. This person is the woman mentioned above that the police were looking for.