You can also apply for information on

  • whether information about you has been disclosed to others,
  • whom the information was disclosed to, and
  • what type of information was disclosed.

Access to information in criminal cases is governed by the Police Database Regulations and the Criminal Procedure Act.

Exceptions from the right to access

The police can deny you access if necessary to combat crime or protect other persons.

How can I get access?

You must complete the access application form.

Please remember the following

  • Tell us which database you want access to or why you believe that the police have information about you. Read more about the police databases on the access application form.
  • You must attach a copy of valid proof of identity. Read what we mean by valid proof of identity on the application form.
  • Access to the sanctions database is given verbally at the police station.
  • When applying for access to the police operations log, you must state the time, location and incident or in some other manner identify the information you want access to.
  • The same applies to access to audio logs. You must also state the telephone number that the call recorded in the audio log was made from.
  • Applications for access to intervention talks (bekymringssamtaler) and the police cell logs must state the police district, town or location where the talk or stay in the police cell took place.

Where to send the application

The form is sent to the authority responsible for the data in the relevant database. The authorities responsible for the individual databases are listed on the request form. The form can also be sent to the police district that made the database entry, or to your local police district. You can also deliver the form in person. If you do, please present valid proof of identity.

How will the application be processed?

Access applications will receive a prompt reply, within 30 days at the latest. The reply will be sent to the address given by you or your legal representative.The reply is considered an administrative decision and can be appealed to the Police Directorate.


The rules relating to the police databases are set out in section 49 of the Police Databases Act, chapters 13 and 17 and part 11 of the Police Database Regulations, which contain specific provisions on the right to access to the individual databases.

Access to information in criminal cases is governed by the Criminal Procedure Act and chapter 27 of the Police Database Regulations.

Application form