The following information may be recorded in SIS:

  • Persons who are the subject of an arrest warrant or extradition request, or are wanted by the authorities for other reasons.
  • Persons who are not entitled to enter into or stay in the Schengen Area.
  • Missing persons.
  • Stolen or missing objects such as vehicles, number plates or identification documents.

Requesting access to personal data

If SIS has information about you, you have the right to request access to that information. You may only access information relating to your person or objects which you own.

Denial of access

You may be denied access to data if such access is in conflict with the purpose of the alert or if it would violate other people's right to protection. You may also be denied access to protect an ongoing investigation.

How do I request access?

You will only be allowed to access to information relating to your person or objects which you own. The decision will initially be made by the National Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS, or Kripos in Norwegian).

Send your requests for access to:

P.O. Box 2094 Vika
0125 Oslo

Alternatively, you may contact the authority responsible for entering the records relating to you. You must include a copy of an official identification document containing a photo (passport or driver's license). If you are not a Norwegian citizen, you must include a copy of a foreign official identification document such as a passport or other document approved by the authorities. You will receive a response to your request as soon as it has been processed, but no later than 30 days.

How do I correct or delete incorrect information?

You may demand to have incorrect or incomplete information regarding your person or legally inaccurate information deleted or corrected. This also applies to information that may not be recorded in the information system. You can demand the same for objects that you own.

Requests for correction or deletion of incorrect information will only be processed if the person making the request has previously been granted access to or has been notified about the information. You must explain why you believe the information is incorrect. Please send the request to NCIS or the authority responsible for entering the information.


You may be entitled to compensation for damage caused by incorrectly recorded information or if information has been used in violation of the SIS Act and the SIS Regulations. If you wish to claim compensation, you have to do so within a year of having been granted access to the recorded information.

Claims should be sent to NCIS or the authority responsible for entering the information.

Right of appeal

Anyone listed in SIS or owning an object listed in SIS may appeal decisions regarding access, correction or deletion of incorrect information and claims for compensation. The deadline for appeal is three weeks from when you were notified of NCIS' decision. An appeal must be in writing and signed. You must refer to the decision you are appealing against and explain why you are appealing and how you would like to see the decision changed or reversed.

Where to send an appeal?

The appeal should be sent to NCIS, which will reassess the initial request or claim, and may in turn consult the National Police Directorate if NCIS does not find reason to reverse the decision. The National Police Directorate will send the appeal to the Data Protection Agency for evaluation.

The Data Protection Agency supervisory responsibility

The Data Protection Agency has a supervisory responsibility, which is to ensure enforcement of the SIS Act and Regulations, and ensure that any violation is rectified.

On request from the person registered, the Data Protection Agency can enquire into whether the data registered about the subject in the SIS are correct, and whether the data have been registered and used pursuant to the SIS Act.

The Data Protection Agency may also provide you with advice and guidance in the process of requesting access, correction, deletion, filing claims and appeals.

If you need more information about how to request access to information in SIS through other authorities, please see EU's Guide for exercising the right of access .


Kripos NCIS
P.O. Box 2094 Vika
0125 OSLO

Tel.: +47 23 20 80 00
Fax: +47 23 20 88 80

The National Policedirectorate
P.O. Box 8051 Dep.
0031 OSLO

Tel.: +47 23 36 41 00
Fax: +47 23 36 42 96

P.O. Box 8177 Dep
0034 OSLO

Tel.: +47 22 39 69 00
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