• access to, correction, removal and deletion of informationviolations of the duty of confidentiality
  • police database checks, e.g. in connection with police certificates of conduct
  • compensation

In criminal cases, any appeal of rejections of applications for access to the documents of the case will be handled in accordance with the rules of the Criminal Procedure Act. The Director of Public Prosecutions is ultimately responsible for the processing of individual criminal cases and handles all complaints relating to violations of the criminal procedure legislation, including violations of confidentiality rules.

Deadline for filing a complaint

Decisions relating to e.g. access, correction and removal of information from the databases, compensation, or police database checks must be appealed within three weeks after you have been informed of the decision.

Complaints about violations of the duty of confidentiality or the duty to inform, or about the use of information removed from the databases, must be made within one year of the event that caused the complaint took place.

How to complain

Your appeal or complaint must be made in writing and signed. Please refer to the decision you are appealing against and describe how you would like it to be changed. You should explain why you are appealing.

Where to send the complaint?

Send the complaint to the agency that made the decision.

Which agency decides the complaint?

  • Decisions made by the police are appealed to the Police Directorate.
  • Decisions made by the prosecuting authority are appealed to the local public prosecutor's office or the Director of Public Prosecutions.
  • Decisions made by the Police Directorate are appealed to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

You cannot appeal the appeal body's decision, nor can you appeal decisions reached by the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority's audits of the police's processing of information

If you are or have reason to believe that you are listed in a police database, you can ask the Norwegian Data Protection Authority to audit whether the information has been legally processed and that the access rules have been complied with. Such an audit requires a specific request.

Your right to an audit applies regardless of whether you have submitted an appeal or complaint, but for practical purposes, you should appeal or complain first. There is no deadline for requesting an audit by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Laws and regulations relating to complaints against decisions relating to access:

The rules relating to complaints are set out in section 55 of the Police Databases Act and chapter 18 of the Police Database Regulations. More exhaustive rules can be found in the Public Administration Act.