The team supports local police forces in the investigation of cold cases. It reopens and reviews cases to see if other approaches and/or new techniques may be attempted, and if so, if there are grounds for further investigation. The cases are primarily unsolved homicides, including suspicious deaths and missing persons who may have been killed.

Demanding cases

For the first time in Norway, resources have been allocated to the review of the most serious unresolved cases. Most of these cases were thoroughly investigated in the past. Now, several years later, chances remain limited, but a review by a fresh pair of eyes, in the light of new technology and refined techniques, justifies a certain level of optimism.

Who are we?

The cold case team comprises expertise in criminal investigation and the directing of criminal investigations, prosecution, forensics, analysis and psychology. The team works with other units at NCIS and the wider police service, and other expertise nationally and internationally.

Information from members of the public

For the next of kin, but also for society at large, resolving the most serious cases is of great importance. Members of the public who believe they have information regarding an unresolved case are encouraged to contact the police district where the incident took place. The normal procedure is for police districts to request support in the review or investigation of a cold case. In special cases, the cold case team may assume responsibility for the investigation and prosecution of the case, but this is not the norm; the norm is that the responsibility for pursuing the investigation and prosecuting the case lies with the individual police force.

Information may also be sent by email: