Investigation update

Full efforts are devoted to the ongoing investigation of the serious incident in Kongsberg on Wednesday 13 October 2021. The investigation will seek to establish the full course of the incident, both the events leading up to it, the incident itself and its aftermath. An evaluation of the police response has been announced, a measure welcomed by the police.

"The perpetrator’s previous encounters with the health services and the police will be thoroughly examined in the time to come. Information about when he was in contact with the police, reported concerns, crime reports involving him, convictions, penal sanctions as well as witnesses’ experiences of him are all elements we will look into," says Assistant Chief of Police Per Thomas Omholt. "His behaviour in private is also of interest. All this will help us draw a fuller picture of him and what lead him to commit the acts on Wednesday 13 October."

The investigation has revealed nothing to suggest that he operated together with others, and the hypothesis that he acted alone has been strengthened.

Update about the person charged

The person charged underwent a prejudicial forensic psychiatric examination early in 2020. The police cannot comment on the content or results of this examination.

"Information about him having converted to islam has been covered extensively in the media, and there are published videos of him announcing this. However, our investigation so far strengthens the hypothesis that he was not committed or serious in this regard."

The person charged is currently in custody in a secured psychiatric ward, and is therefore not available for questioning. He has been interviewed three times; Wednesday evening, early Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon. The police will not comment on information provided during these interviews.