The police have now formally interviewed 60 witnesses following the serious incident in Kongsberg on 13 October, during which five people were killed and several injured. The police have also canvassed the area of the incident and have talked to around 140 people.

The police will continue their interviews, and two persons who were in or near the Coop Extra Supermarket on Wednesday evening remain to be interviewed.

– "The police have previously stated that a bow and arrows were used in the attacks. In addition, the police have also seized one or more stabbing weapons that are linked to the attacks. The police cannot at this time divulge what kind of stabbing weapon or weapons this is, as all witnesses and victims have not yet been interviewed," says Assistant Chief of Police in Sør-Øst Police District Per Thomas Omholt.

The chain of events

On Wednesday evening, the police received reports of a man shooting arrows at people in a Coop Extra supermarket at Nytorget in the Vestsiden district in Kongsberg. As now known, an off-duty police officer was injured by an arrow inside the supermarket. It is now also known that the person charged exited into Myntgata and walked down Peckels gate, where fired several arrows, also against other persons. The bow and arrows were found in Peckels gate.

When he arrived in Hyttegata, he was no longer armed with bow and arrows. The five people killed by a stabbing weapon were killed in Hyttegata. Some were killed in their homes, some outside in public, according to Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.

The police have previously stated that mental illness appears to be the most likely hypothesis with respect to the perpetrator's motives. This is still the case.

– "We can understand that there is a focus on the police response and the person charged's background, but we must ask for patience: The investigation must take its course before we can determine the chain of events. This concerns both the motive and the details of what transpired."

The investigation going forward

The investigation continues unabated with resources from the entire police district and assistance from the National Criminal Investigation Service . This is a large-scale investigation, and we are working to map the person charged's background and motives, interview witnesses, maintain contact with the next of kin and victims, collect and analyse CCTV footage, conduct forensic examinations and examine electronic evidence. Investigators have been assigned to work exclusively in all of these fields.

– "The mapping of the person charged background is a priority but we expect it will take some time," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt in closing.