During a media conference in Kongsberg this afternoon Assistant Chief of Police Per Thomas Omholt stated that the police have conducted a further interview with the person charged.

The police have spoken to more than 200 people and have held more than 90 formal interviews with witnesses and 11 interviews with victims in connection with the incident. The Assistant Chief of Police believes that more people may be classified as victims as the investigation progresses.

The police are also asking a man who was at Nytorget and was shot at with arrows to come forward and contact them.

- "We are asking this man to contact the police," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.

The police cannot make any statements about what the person charged have told them in his latest interview.

However, the police have managed to build a detailed picture of events from the time he left his home and entered the Coop supermarket. Prior to entering the supermarket, he fired arrows at several persons. Once inside, he continued to shoot at people. This took place before the police were alerted. An off-duty police officer in the store was hit by an arrow.

When the police arrived, they were fired upon with arrows. Shortly afterwards, the perpetrator escaped through an emergency exit and the police lost sight of him, explains Omholt.

The police have a number of hypotheses. So far, the investigation has not strengthened the hypothesis that this was an act of terrorism, and the hypothesis that he had converted to Islam has been weakened further.

A substantial number of enquires remain, including analysing digital evidence and further interviews with the person charged. All aspects of how the person charged acquired the weapons used will also be key to the investigation, in addition to his history.

He will be interviewed further about a number of subjects, including the location of the victims when they were attacked and how close they were to the person charged, the arrows fired and the weapons he had, says Omholt.

- The police appreciate that there is great public interest in this case, but the information we can reveal at this moment is limited. This is a major investigation, and the response of the police will also be evaluated. It will be decisive to provide well-founded answers to what happened on Wednesday evening and leading up to that, not least for the next of kin and those directly affected by the attacks," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.