The police can now confirm that four women and one man were killed. The dead are all between the ages of 50 and 70. They have not been formally identified, but the next of kin have been informed, with this proviso.

The police are now taking several different approaches in the handling of the incident. There are details that the police are currently unable to share with the public, partly to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation and partly due to still not being in possession of all the facts.

“The police are investigating to provide the best answers possible to the questions of what happened and why to the next of kin and the local community in Kongsberg, and to ensure that we have the best possible basis for our prosecution decision, says Chief of Police in Sør-Øst Police District,” Ole Bredrup Sæverud.

The police have no information to indicate that more than one perpetrator were involved in the incident, but are working with the available intelligence to establish with certainty that this is a fact.

“The next of kin and the local community in Kongsberg are also in need of follow-up and care. We are handling this aspect to the best of our ability together with Kongsberg local authority. Many of our own officers were also involved in the operation last night, and we will also be working to provide them with the necessary follow-up and care,” says Sæverud.

The following is an account of what transpired from receipt of the message at the police operations centre in Sør-Øst Police Distric

  • The first message came in on one of the operations centre's consoles at 18:12:30 and was logged at 18:13. The report was that a man with a bow and arrow was shooting at people. A patrol was immediately dispatched to the location and the officers were ordered to arm themselves. Immediately afterwards, another three patrols were sent to the address. A total of 22 patrols were dispatched to the operation before the perpetrator was apprehended, and more were on their way.
  • In the following minutes, more messages were received by the operations centre about the incident, and it was reported that people had been struck by the arrows. At 18:17, the incident was declared to involve on-going life-threatening violence.
  • At 18:18, the first patrol caught sight of the perpetrator. They hailed him, but lost sight of him. Directly afterwards, they found the man again and are shot at with arrows. This resulted in the officers losing sight of the man, and he gets away.
  • In the following minutes, many patrols were looking for the man, and there were reports from members of the public who had seen him. At 18:47, it was reported on the police radio that the perpetrator had been apprehended by officers from Sør-Øst Police District. It was also reported that warning shots were fired when he was apprehended.

From what the police now knows, it appears clear that some of the homicides were committed after the police were in contact with the man at 18:18, possibly all of them. The exact chain of events will have to be determined by the investigation.

It has previously been stated that the perpetrator is a Danish national aged 37 who lives in Norway. The police have previously been in contact with the man, also as a result of concerns that he had become radicalised.

Sør-Øst Police District conducted a major operation in the area last night and also received extensive assistance from other police district and agencies, including the National Criminal Investigation Service, the Police Security Service, national assistance units, Oslo and Øst police districts and the Police University College. Emergency medical personnel and fire-fighters were also involved in the effort.