The person charged following the serious incident in Kongsberg, in which five people were killed and three injured, has been remanded in custody for four weeks, the first two in full isolation, and with a ban on letters, visits and media for the following two weeks. The person charged has acknowledged the facts of the case, but has not made any statement with respect to criminal liability.

–"The investigation supports his statements, meaning that his statements match those of other witnesses and the evidence obtained," says Assistant Chief of Police Per Thomas Omholt.

Due to the health condition of the person charged, he has been committed to a high-security psychiatric ward during his remand period. He will also undergo a full forensic psychiatric examination to determine whether or not he was accountable for his actions.

On Wednesday evening, the police received reports of a man shooting arrows at people in a Coop Extra supermarket in Vestsiden in Kongsberg. The person charged was apprehended at 18:47.

He has been charged with the homicide of five people, but the police know that he also inflicted physical injuries on three others. In addition, there are many other victims who were fired upon with arrows. The charges may therefore be expanded to include additional offences.

The homicides were committed both indoors and outdoors, and the perpetrator also made his way into private homes. In addition, he fired arrows at people in public.

–"Details about the murder weapons and how the victims were killed will not be released yet. The police are still interviewing witnesses, and we do not want to influence their statements," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.

Major resources from Sør-Øst Police District, assisted by personnel from the National Criminal Investigation Service, have now been assigned to the investigation. Forensic examinations have been conducted at the scene, and of telephones, digital evidence etc. Three weapons have also been found, including a bow and arrows. The police do not wish to share any information about the other weapons to protect the integrity of the investigation.

Several victims have been interviewed. More than 50 witnesses have also been interviewed. The police have also gone door to door to interview a number of persons. 

Status for the person charged

The person charged is subject to a broad scale investigation, including major information gathering efforts. The police are exploring several hypotheses:

–"The investigation aims to weaken or strengthen these hypotheses as it progresses, and we are working to find out what happened, why and to whom. The police are also working under different hypotheses as regards motive, including anger, revenge, impulse, jihad, illness or provocation. The hypothesis that the actions are grounded in illness has been strengthened," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.

–"This will now be a key issue and we will be working to collect more information about the past of the person charged. As regards any planning on his part, our hypothesis that he has carried these thoughts for some time has been strengthened," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.

Going forward

The investigation will continue on a broad scale to examine the crime scenes, electronic evidence, witnesses, the person charged and analyses.

–"In this connection, we are calling on witnesses who have been in contact with the person charged or have met him in recent years to contact the police on +47 476 96 400. This also applies to witnesses who may be in possession of evidence relevant to the case," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.

As regards the identities of the persons killed, the police are awaiting the formal identification, which will also have to be communicated to the next of kin. This will take some time, but the police hope to have completed this process shortly.

–"As regards the issue of terrorism, the perpetrator has so far not been charged with terrorism offences. This is something that is under constant assessment. The investigation will uncover whether this was an act of terror or not," says Assistant Chief of Police Omholt.