Until now, the police have kept a low profile in the investigation, also internally, due to the seriousness of the threats made. "We have now chosen to go public as we, in spite of a broad and extensive investigative effort, see a need to make further progress," says Assistant Chief of Police Tommy Brøske, head of the ‎Intelligence and Investigation Department in Øst Police District.

"The woman was last seen on Wednesday 31 October." According to Mr Brøske, as the case now stands, the police have advised the family not to pay the demanded ransom.

Seeks information

"Our goal is to find the woman alive and reunite her with her family. As in all criminal cases, time is an important factor, and we are dependent upon information from the public to move forward and find the missing woman.

The home of the woman is in Sloraveien, near a recreational area around the lake Langvannet in Fjellhamar in Lørenskog Municipality. The police call upon persons who were in the area on the morning of 31 October 2018, as well as in the preceding days, to contact the police. Anyone who regularly takes walks in the area should also contact us. 31 October was Halloween, and many may therefore remember the date," says Mr Brøske.

The police want information from people who may have noted any activity, suspicious or otherwise, in the area or nearby.

The police are also interested in speaking to anyone who drove a car in the Sloraveien area on the morning of Wednesday 31 October.
We would be grateful for access to any footage, from dashboard cameras, mobile phones, security cameras or similar in the Sloraveien area from the day in question and the preceding and following days," says Mr Brøske.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police at www.politiet.no/tips or on tel.no. +47 64 81 95 99.

This happened:

The police have been working on the basis of several different scenarios. The hypothesis throughout has been that the woman was abducted against her will. Comprehensive forensic examinations have been conducted at her home, and several discoveries of interest have been made.