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  • We are gradually reopening our services to the public, and you can now attend a police station in order to report an incident, get a new passport or consult the police for selected residency and immigration matters. In many cases you need an appointment before you can attend the station, even for these matters. Click here to find contact details for your local police station. For all other services, the police front counters are still closed.
  • Temporary border control still applies. All travellers leaving or entering Norway will have to present valid ID documents. Passports are the only valid ID documents for Norwegian nationals travelling outside the Nordic region. The above applies at airports, ports and land border crossing points.
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    1. Crime developments over the past five weeks

      Recorded crime has fallen by 25.9 percent over the past five weeks compared with the corresponding period last year.

    2. Reopening public services: Safety first

      Over the next week, the police districts will gradually reopen their services to the public. Protecting against contagion and the safety of both employees and members of the public will remain the number one priority.

    3. Nå kan du søke jobb i politiet

      Politiet skal ansette inntil 400 politibetjenter i midlertidige stillinger for å styrke bemanningen som følge av koronaviruset.

    4. Fordeling av midlertidige politistillinger

      Politidirektoratet arbeider med å ansette inntil 400 politifolk midlertidig for å styrke bemanningen som følge av utbruddet av koronaviruset.

    5. Police prioritisation

      The primary priorities of the police are to safeguard lives and health, maintain public order and contribute to Norway's overall emergency preparedness.

    6. Measures to continue

      As part of the efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, several of the measures implemented by the police have been extended.

    7. Ansettelse av politiutdannede

      Politidirektoratet har fått fullmakt til midlertidig å ansette inntil 400 politifolk for å styrke bemanningen som følge av utbruddet av koronaviruset.

    8. Issuing police certificates

      During this present situation, the police will prioritise issuing police certificates of conduct to persons working in critical facilities and public services.

    9. Few people crossing the border

      Reports from the police districts indicate that there are relatively little cross-border traffic after the authorities introduced border checks of persons at all the Norwegian border crossing points to limit the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) from persons arriving from abroad.

    10. We must contain the spread

      The Director of Public Prosecutions and the National Police Commissioner have co-written an opinion piece published in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. Read their joint statement here.

    11. The police and their role at airports

      The police are currently assisting the health authorities in the work of enforcing quarantine measures and returns at airports. Police officers are now present in this respect at all of the major airports in Norway.

    12. The police close to the public for two weeks

      The Norwegian government has announced a comprehensive set of measures designed to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. The police is one of several agencies key to the government’s handling of emergency situations, and must keep functioning also under demanding circumstances like the present. At the same time, it is important that the police take part in the national effort to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

    13. Nye tiltak fra Regjeringen

      Regjeringen og helsemyndighetene har i ettermiddag iverksatt en rekke nye tiltak for å hindre smitte av koronaviruset. Dette er de største og mest inngripende tiltakene i Norge i fredstid, og etaten må nå gjøre nye grep for å tilpasse seg situasjonen.

    14. Politiets beredskap ivaretatt

      Politiet er en av flere samfunnsaktører som har en viktig rolle som en del av samfunnets samlede beredskap. Politidirektoratets rolle er å koordinere politiets innsats og iverksette tiltak som sikrer en god beredskap i hele landet.