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Since the 13th of March 2020, it has not been possible for members of the public to attend police stations in person, as a measure to limit the spread of the corona virus. The police telephone services have remained open as normal. We are now planning to gradually reopen selected services to the public in the police districts. These services will initially be administrative services such as issuing of passports and appointments relating to residence permits and immigration.

"We are now working to clarify the need for and facilitate contagion protection measures for both employees and users of the public services. If you can, we strongly recommend that you contact the police in some other way than by physically visiting a police station," says National Police Commissioner Benedicte Bjørnland.

In this, as in other related matters, the police will take their cue from the guidelines of the health authorities. It will be important to safeguard the safety of both the employees and members of the public when they meet in person.

The national guidelines issued by the Institute of Public Health and the occupational health service apply. In addition, each individual police district must consider whether they have any special needs.

The guidelines for physically visiting a police station are:

  • Keep a distance of two metres to other persons.
  • Maintain proper hand hygiene, soap and water or hand disinfectant will be available. Information about the importance of maintaining hand hygiene and coughing into the crook of your elbow will be provided.
  • There will be glass screens between employees and the public.
  • Common and waiting areas will be designed so that it is possible to keep distance.
  • There will be guards in place to keep order in the queue and prevent gatherings.
  • Cleaning: Contact surfaces such as door handles etc. will be cleaned regularly.