In order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus from individuals entering Norway the Norwegian government has decided to temporarily reintroduce border control at Norway's internal Schengen border for 10 days from Monday 16 March at 0800 hours.

- The responsibilities of the police is to perform checks on persons (identity and travel documentation checks) in close collaboration with the customs authorities and other collaborating bodies, says National Police Commissioner Benedicte Bjørnland.

No closing of border crossing points

On 15 March 2020 the government passed a new regulation authorising the border authorities to refuse entry to foreign nationals without residence permit in order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. Until further notice all open border crossing points will remain open.

- The police are making preparations for checks on persons at all airports, ports and land border crossing points in compliance with the decision of the government. This will not result in police presence for checks of all travellers at all crossing points at all times. This means that we will decide times and places for checks of persons following continuous reviews, says Bjørnland.

How does this affect you?

Checks on persons at internal Schengen border means that all travellers into or out of the country must be prepared to produce a valid identity document. For Norwegian nationals the only valid identity and travel document outside the Nordic countries is their passport. This applies both in airports, ports and on land border crossing points.

- Norwegian nationals will still be able to travel into and out of Norway, but must at all times be prepared to prove their nationality at all border crossing points. We therefore recommend that you bring your passport in order to ease the border control, including when travelling to the Nordic countries, says National Police Commissioner Bjørnland.

The situation may quickly change within the coming days. We urge all travellers to keep themselves updated on information published at the website of the police:

Normal routines for goods traffic

Norway depend on a reliable goods supply to meet the needs of both the population and the industry and commerce. These restraining measures therefore only apply to the traffic of persons. The goods traffic follow normal routines. More information about this is published at the website of the customs authorities.