The police are therefore implementing a number of measures to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure that the police are prepared to meet the challenges in all parts of the country. This includes the closure of all non-critical administrative services that require people to meet at their local police station.

All non-critical administrative services will be closed from Friday 13 March until Thursday 26 March. Please note that the closure will be extended if needed. The services which are now closed includes the issuance of passports and emergency passports, submission of crime reports, immigration, firearms, lost property and enforcement services, and closure of the conciliation board.

We ask members of the public to contact the local police to reschedule their appointments. Once we have a better overview of the situation, new slots for ordering passports will be made available. People who have particular needs which have to be addressed are asked to contact the police to inform them of the situation.

– This will entail inconveniences for those affected by the closure. We ask for the public’s understanding that our priorities now are to maintain our emergency preparedness in all parts of the country while at the same time limit the spread of the virus, says Deputy National Police Commissioner Håkon Skulstad.

Internal measures implemented in the police

In addition to local measures, the police nationally have implemented measures like working from home, extended quarantine and a travel ban.

Working from home

It has been decided that as many employees as possible who can perform their job from home will do so until at least 26 March.

Extended quarantine

Employees who return from travel outside the Nordic countries will be quarantined at home for 14 days after return. This measure has been given retroactive effect from 27 February.

Travel ban

The police have imposed a ban on travel abroad for select personnel. The ban includes both work and private travels. The ban will be in force until 1 May and may be extended.

The National Police Directorate also recommends that police employees avoid using public transport for travels within Norway, e.g. bus, rail and air transport.

– The travel ban and other restrictions are necessary to ensure that the police maintain its capacity to respond to contingencies while at the same time doing our part to limit the spread of the virus, says Skulstad.