The Internet and ICT systems play roles in crime and its development, as a crime scene, crime tool or source of evidence.

Crime scene

Some criminal offences target the technology, infrastructure or the internet use of a person or an organisation as such. Examples are computer intrusion, damage to property and Denial-of-Service attacks, which block internet services.

Crime tool

Other offences are enabled by the Internet and computer systems. Examples are sale of controlled drugs, sharing child sexual abuse images, online threats and online bullying.

Source of evidence

In some cases, the internet or ICT systems play no active role in the commission of the crime as such, but digital evidence may be used to resolve the case. In the investigation of e.g. violence and theft, the police often have to search for evidence and traces on the internet. Evidence of this type may be communication between criminals in social media, or the Internet search history of someone planning a murder.