Information about the reason for the detention

You have the right to know why you have been detained

Duty to disclose personal information

You have a duty to state your name, date of birth, occupation and address when the police ask for them.

Help for an interpreter

The police will provide an interpreter if necessary.

Medical assistance

Before you are placed in custody, the police shall check whether you need medical assistance. The police shall make sure that you receive necessary medical assistance.

Searching / personal property

When you are detained, the police may search you. Money, valuables including mobile phones, alcohol/narcotics/sedatives and objects which could harm yourself or others will be taken from you. This personal property shall be returned to you when you are released, except for alcohol or objects that the police are allowed to keep by law.

Informing family members / military unit

If you are under 18, the police have a duty to inform your parents or guardians about your detention.

If you are over 18, you can ask the police to inform your family members or other persons you wish to inform. This shall be done as soon as practically possible.

If you are in military service, the police shall inform your immediate military superiors.

Informing the embassy

If you are a foreign national, you have the right to inform the embassy or consulate of your country of your dentention. At your request, the police shall make sure they are informed.

Contact with a lawyer

You can ask the police to inform a lawyer as soon as practically possible.  You must pay the legal costs yourself.