You collect penalty points for:

  • driving faster than the speed limit
  • failing to stop at a red traffic light
  • dangerous overtaking
  • failing to give way when required
  • driving in a hatched area bordered by unbroken lines
  • driving too close to the vehicle in front
  • driving a tuned-up motorcycle or moped
  • failing to secure passengers under the age of 15

Visit the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's website to check how many penalty points you will get for these traffic offences.

Letter from the police

Penalty points are awarded by means of a legally enforceable court order or if you have accepted a fine or fixed penalty notice. You cannot appeal against the registration of penalty points.

You will receive a letter from the police when you have collected four or more penalty points. The letter will remind you that you must change the way you drive, or you could risk losing your driving licence.

If you collect eight penalty points within a three-year period, you will lose the right to drive a vehicle (be disqualified from driving) for six months.