If you are planning an event in a public place, you must notify the police. A notifiable event may be a demonstration, procession, mass meeting or promotional stand, etc.

Well ahead of the event’s planned start, you must send the police a written notice containing details of its:

  • purpose

  • size

  • organiser

  • time

  • place

  • measures the organiser will put in place to keep things under control

Check your local council’s rules

If you are organising an event in a public place within the Oslo Police District, you must notify the police beforehand. The Oslo Police District covers the local authority areas of Oslo, Asker and Bærum.

Deadlines for notifying the police

Contact the police well ahead of the day the event is due to take place. Here are the deadlines for notifying the police of your event:

  • small events in a public place: at least 1 week before
  • large events in a public place (of an entertainment, artistic or commercial nature) that require police planning: at least 4 weeks before
  • events not in a public place, but which the police will probably need to monitor (to prevent disorderly conduct or manage traffic): at least 3 weeks before
  • protest marches: at least 3 weeks before

Information you must give the police

When you notify the police about an event, you must tell them:

  • when and where it will take place
  • who is organising it
  • exactly how it will be carried outcontacts (names, phone numbers and email addresses)
  • expected number of participants
  • programme/timetable of events
  • use of equipment such as loudspeakers, posters, vehicles, fireworks, the serving of alcohol or the erection of a stage
  • expected impact on public order and traffic (both pedestrian and vehicle
  • permission from the landowner and clarification from any affected local council agencies
  • experience from similar previous events, such as the number of participants, safety measures and traffic management issues
  • details of the organiser's own stewards and any security personnel hired for the event, with named contacts
  • use of physical barriers and a plan for emergency vehicle access
  • the route of any protest march must be agreed with the police and traffic issues taken into account to keep everyone safe
  • for large events, enclose a formal risk assessment

The list above is not exhaustive. The information you provide must be adapted to the event's size and type. Some of the points listed will not be necessary for a small event.

Give notice electronically

You can give notice of an event by sending an email to: Oslo.arrangement@politiet.no

If you want to organise a cycling event on the public roads, you must apply to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for permission.


What is the organiser responsible for?

The organiser is responsible for:

  • getting the landowner's permission and clearing the event with any local council agencies that may be affected
  • carrying out a risk assessment if a large event is planned (attach the risk assessment to the notice you send to the police)
  • depending on the size, nature, potential impact on public order and traffic management, the organizer may be required to pay for the expenses associated with the event

What local regulations apply?


Find out what regulations apply in the local area where the planned event will take place. You will find the regulations at police regulations in local authority areas (lovdata.no)

Local councils may have their own regulations for:

  • Events in public places
  • Events to which the public have access, even though they take place on private property

Organising a cycling event on the public roads

If you are organising a cycling event on the public roads, you must notify the Norwegian Public Roads Administration .