Parents' permission and proof of identity

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied in person by at least one parent or guardian with parental responsibility. If you are that person, you must bring proof of your own identity and that of the other parent/guardian, as well as a document they have signed allowing the child to be given a passport (authorisation form).

Identity documents must contain the holder's picture and signature. You must bring either the original document (passport, driver's licence or bank card), or a certified copy. The copy must not be more than three months' old.

The other parent/guardian's authorisation form must be dated no more than three months before the passport application is made, and it must be the original document (not a copy or a scan). The signature on the authorisation form must match the signature on the identity document provided.

Download the authorisation form

For children born on or after 1 January 2006, joint parental responsibility is automatically given to:

  • Parents who are legally married.
  • Unmarried parents who are registered in the Norwegian National Registry as living together at the same address when the child's paternity is declared.

In all other circumstances, the mother has sole parental responsibility, unless the parents specifically agree to have joint parental responsibility.

For all children born to unmarried parents before 1 January 2006, the mother has sole parental responsibility, unless otherwise agreed.

You will find more information on parental responsibility on the Norwegian Tax Administration's website.

If the Norwegian child welfare authorities have taken the child into their care, they must give permission for a passport to be issued to the child.

The Norwegian child welfare authorities can authorise foster parents to accompany the child to the passport office. The authorisation document must state the relevant section of the Norwegian Child Welfare Act under which the foster parents took the child into their care.

Only one of the foster parents needs to accompany the child and sign the passport application form.