Passport and travel documentste

An expired passport is not accepted as a valid travel document to enter or leave Norway. Citizens of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) may travel between these countries without a passport, but must be able to prove their identity on request.

You must carry a valid passport or national ID card to travel to any other country in the EU and Schengen area.

If you lose your passport or your passport has expired while you are in Norway, you should contact your country's nearest consulate or embassy.

You do not have to carry your passport or other valid identity document at all times.

If you are subject to an immigration control  the police may request proof of identity. It will ease the immigration controll if you have your passorport or identity document with you. 

The police recommend that you have your passport or other valid identity document approved as a travel document easily accessable during your stay.

Minors who are nationals of EU /EEA countries just need their own valid passport (or valid ID card if they are nationals of a Schengen country) to enter Norway. No particular extra official document is required for minors.

For minors that are nationals of a country outside EU/EEA, a visa might be required in addition to a valid passport. For more information about visa-free travel to Norway.