The information received covers everything from persons to addresses, vehicles and activities. The police have also obtained access to some digital material, but believe that there may be more such material from Sloraveien, the Futurum building and national road no. 159 (Strømsveien) recorded in the morning of Wednesday 31 October.

Several members of the public have come forward with information about the activity around the Futurum building and the security camera footage released yesterday. "We have yet to identity the three persons seen in the footage and we repeat that we need to contact these people or determine their identities."

Hiding place
The police do not know where Anne-Elisabeth Hagen is being kept, or whether she has been kept in the same location since Wednesday 31 October. She may also be abroad. "We wish to hear from anyone who may have made observations or possess information about activities consistent with the preparation or existence of such hiding places," said Assistant Chief of Police Tommy Brøske, head of the Intelligence and Investigation Department in Øst Police District.

Ms Hagen's location may be characterised by:

  • Being somewhere where a person can be kept for an extended period of time, e.g. cabins, buildings undergoing restoration, flats and houses.
  • Increased activity – cars and persons coming and going.
  • Unknown cars.
  • Covered windows.
  • Soundproofing work performed prior to 31 October.
  • Changes in behaviour and activities that are out of the ordinary.
  • If someone has noted anyone making purchases out of the ordinary, e.g. objects that may be used to keep someone under control, women's clothing, products intended for women etc.

"In summary, we call on the public to be alert to their surroundings and come forward if they observe or experience anything that may indicate a hiding place," said Mr Brøske. Mr Brøske also took time during the media briefing on Friday 11 January to praise the media for the balanced coverage so far. "However, I must emphasise that very serious threats have been made against Anne-Elisabeth Hagen's life and that the goal of our investigation is to reunite her with her family. The police are mindful of the role the media plays, but you must also be aware of the seriousness of the situation. We strongly ask that you show caution in your continued coverage," said Mr Brøske.