There has been no sign of life from Ms Hagen after 31 October, but there are no indications that she is not alive. Until yesterday, we conducted a low-profile investigation due to the threats made against Ms Hagen and because this was considered to be in the best interests of the investigation.

According to Assistant Chief of Police Tommy Brøske, head of the Intelligence and Investigation Department in Øst Police District, there have been no new developments in the case since yesterday and there are still no suspects.
"We can confirm that a document was found at Sloraveien stating the demands and threats, but we can for investigative reasons not go further into the contents of the document. We do not wish to provide any further details on the type of cryptocurrency used," says Mr Brøske.

Continued need for information from the public

The need for more information is an important reason for why the police have decided to go public. "We have received more than 100 tip-offs from the public since yesterday. We have also spoken to local residents and others, and we have numerous officers working continuously to follow up on and process the information we receive. What we can say is that several of the tip-offs are of interest and that we will pursue them further," says Mr Brøske.

The police again call for anyone who knows anything about the case to contact them. They are particularly interested in information pertaining to the area around the Hagen family home in Sloraveien and the Futurum building in Lørenskog, where Ms Hagen's husband Tom works. The police are in possession of security camera footage of persons walking around the outside of the Futurum building on the morning of 31 October, and the police believe these persons may have important information. "We want to get in touch with these persons and ask the public for information on who they may be. We also ask that these persons report to the police," says Mr Brøske.

The police are also interested in speaking to anyone who drove a car in the Sloraveien area on the morning of Wednesday 31 October.
We would be grateful for access to any footage, from dashboard cameras, mobile phones, security cameras or similar in the Sloraveien area from the day in question and the preceding and following days," says Mr Brøske.

"We understand that it may be difficult for the public to assess whether the information they possess is relevant. We therefore ask the public not to hesitate to contact us and let us determine whether the information is relevant or not," says Mr Brøske.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police at or on tel. no. +47 64 81 95 99.

Media contact number: +47 969 46 806