High avalanche danger

In Troms County in Norway the risk of avalanches is still very high. Large avalanches are easy to trigger, even remotely from flatter terrain. The police advise all travellers to avoid all steep terrain for the next following days. When the snow stabilizes all skiers are advices to take needed precautions, download the app Varsom.no to check the local avalanche forecast and show great caution.


Avalanche at Kvalvikdalen in Lyngen. One Italian man confirmed deceased.

At Friday March 31 at 02:46 pm local time the Norwegian police received a message that there was an avalanche at Kvalvikdalen in Lyngen, close to Kavringtinden. There were five Italians skiers involved. One of the skiers, a man in his forties, is confirmed deceased. One other person was brought to the regional hospital Universitetssykehuset in Nord-Norge. The remainder of the group was evacuated. The police have been in contact with the Italian embassy.


Avalanche at Storslett in Nord-Troms. One Slovenian man confirmed deceased.

At Friday March 31 at 05:57 pm local time the Norwegian police received a message about an avalanche at Tverrelva at Storslett. One person is confirmed deceased. The deceased was a man of Slovenian nationality in his thirties. He was part of a larger group of travellers from outside of Norway. Another person in the group was on site and was able to localize the person and notify the local police.


Avalanche at Reinøya. Two Norwegians confirmed deceased.

At 03.10 pm local time the police received a message that there had been an avalanche at Grøtnesdalen on the island of Reinøya. Two residents, a man and a woman, in their sixties are confirmed deceased and the police have notified their next of kin. This was a farm where a house and barn were taken by the avalanche. The HRS (The Joint Rescue Coordination Centres) has coordinated the rescue work on site.


Avalanche in Manndalen

On Friday there were also a large avalanche at Samuelsbeg in Manndalen where several animals have been injured. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority have been notified.


Ongoing evacuations

The police have evacuated several areas in the region with the help of the local government. On Thursday several areas were evacuated at Oldervika, Breivikeidet og Vasstrand, on Friday an area at Reinøya was evacuated.


The police have in collaboration with local government Saturday morning decided to evacuate several houses with about 18 residents at Nordreisa. Local government at Nordreisa will tend to the evacuees.