The NVE is expecting serious incidents in several locations, and major damage to property and infrastructure. The police encourage citizens to make the necessary preparations.

We recommend everyone to stay informed on and, and act in accordance with information issued by the relevant local authority. Extreme amounts of precipitation are forecast and there is now a need to make more preparations than usual.

Do not go near rivers that go high or areas where landslides have occurred. Move or secure property in exposed areas.

Be aware that roads may be impacted or closed at short notice. You should not use the roads or walk outside more than necessary, especially in exposed areas. Plan for potential closure of roads, and for potential power, telephone and internet cuts in parts of the county for some periods. Research where you can go for help if there is a power cut, or internet or telephone services are down.

Check your local authority’s website in advance.

See the recommended list for preparing yourself here:

There are many tourists in Innlandet County at the moment, and the tourist industry is asked to pass on the information to their guests. Businesses located near water are asked to take the necessary precautions.