After 18 months of investigation, the police have come to a point where we believe there is sufficient cause to suspect Tom Hagen of the homicide or complicity in the homicide of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. As other hypotheses have been weakened, the grounds for suspecting Tom Hagen have, in the opinion of the police, been gradually strengthened.

It is important to emphasise that although we have charged Tom Hagen, the case is still being investigated and there are several unanswered questions. It will be particularly important to clarify the role played by Tom Hagen, to find Anne-Elisabeth Hagen and to determine whether other people are involved.

As the case initially appeared, our main theory was that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen had been abducted by someone with a financial motive. In June 2019, we came to believe that she had most likely been killed. We now believe there was no abduction and that there were never any genuine negotiations. In other words, we believe that there was a clear and well-planned attempt at misleading the police.

Due to the risk of tampering with the evidence, we will ask the court to remand Tom Hagen in custody for four weeks with a ban on visits and outside communication.