Solicitor Abdul-Satar from the law firm Actio has been appointed counsel for the aggrieved person at the mosque. The family of the deceased has not yet been appointed any counsel.

-The investigation has given us a better overall understanding of the attack. The fact that the aggressor entered a mosque armed and from the investigation so far has been found to have expressed hostile attitudes against immigrants has led the police to investigate this attack as an attempted act of terrorism. The act was also apt to cause serious fear, says acting Police Station Chief Rune Skjold.  Oslo Police District is now cooperating closely with the Norwegian Police Security Service.

As part of the investigation we are attempting to make contact with witnesses in the neighbourhood where the young woman was found dead. If you have information, please tip the police using the tip site at

The aggressor refused to give any statement to the police this night, but new questionings will be carried out.

Onsite investigation confirms that several shots were fired, but the number of shots and the type of weapons are not yet established.

-There is no doubt that the swift and firm response from the persons inside the mosque stopped the aggressor and prevented further consequences. Trying to neutralise an armed person is always dangerous. These persons showed great courage, says Skjold.

-We have not received any information about unwanted incidents in connection with todays social events. Most of the larger events reportedly have now ended, but the police preparedness will remain elevated, says Deputy Chief of Police Jan Eirik Thomassen.