Just past 14:00 on Saturday 23 March the Norwegian police received information about a cruise ship in distress due to engine problems in Hustadvika off the midwestern coast of Norway. The ship was subsequently identified as the Viking Sky. Last updated on 24 March 2019 at 00:15 hrs.

Next of Kin - Passenger inquiries

If you have questions or concerns about any guests onboard please call this number (Viking Cruices):

23. and 24 of March - facts 

Viking Sky evacuees were first registered by the police at the evacuee reception centre in the indoor sport court Brynhallen. After registration they are received at hotels in Molde and Kristiansund where the emergency authorities have established evacuee centres. Here the registration work continues in a collaboration between the police and other emergency bodies.

The cruise passenger evacuee reception centre at Brynhallen sport court is sunday afternoon closed down. On closure, the centre had received and registered a total of 460 passengers evacuated by airlift from the ship.

When the ship arrived in Molde this afternoon, a reception center was established at Rica Seilet Hotel. All passengers not wishing to spend the rest of their stay onboard the ship pending their return home, will be accomodated at this hotel.

436 passengers were still on board the ship together with 458 crew members when the ship arrived in Molde.

The return of passengers to their home destinations starts today. The first passengers will be leaving Molde by plane from Årø airport this evening, and all returns are scheduled to be completed by Monday evening.