Frequently asked questions

All travellers into or out of Norway must be prepared to produce a valid identity document. For Norwegian nationals the only valid identity and travel document outside the Nordic countries is their passport. This applies both in airports, ports and at land border crossing points.

The police recommend that you bring your passport when travelling in the Nordic countries as well, to ease the border control.

Persons who cross the border to visit their children in accordance with agreed or ordered visiting schedules or shared residence are exempted from quarantine. Read more about crossing the border to visit one's children at

It depends on whether you are travelling by air or by road. Learn more about travelling through Sweden to get to Norway on

Expulsion and rejection are powers the authorities can use to deny foreigners to enter or stay in Norway. Rejection is a decision to refuse someone to enter Norway at the border or to order them to leave the country.

Most rejection decisions are made by the police, but the Directorate of Immigration can also make such decisions. Rejected persons can enter Norway once the grounds for the rejection no longer apply.

Submit an appeal in writing to the police within three weeks of your rejection. The police will reconsider your case and decide whether to overturn the decision or forward the matter to the Directorate of Immigration. The Directorate's decision is final.