Travellers must check and comply with the latest travel regulations.

Entry registration

Everyone who crosses the border into Norway from areas with a quarantine duty (red countries / areas), including Norwegian citizens, must register prior to crossing the border. Travellers may only register their journey within 72 hours of their time of arrival. Once you have completed the registration, you will receive a receipt which you must present to the police at the border control.

If you arrive in Norway from a yellow area, different rules apply. Read more about rules and requirements when entering Norway, and see maps of red and yellow areas in Europe (

Several border crossing points are temporarily closed for entry

Map of open border crossing points with test facilities (

Any crossing other than crossings at open border crossing points is illegal. Prolonged queueing at the remaining open border crossing points must be expected, and the we ask all travellers to plan for this.

 Following travellers may still enter through the closed border crossing points:

  • For the purpose of transporting goods across the border
  • Travellers who perform critical functions

Mandatory Covid testing

All persons travelling to Norway from red areas are required to be tested for Covid-19. This includes Norwegian citizens.Travellers who are foreign nationals are also required to present a negative test that has been taken less than 72 hours prior to arrival in Norway.

Failure to take a Covid test without just excuse is punishable by fine.

To enforce the stricter entry rules, the police has asked for assistance from the Norwegian Customs and the Norwegian Armed Force to perform border controls.

Entry to Norway

All travellers into or out of Norway must be prepared to produce a valid identity document. For Norwegian nationals the only valid identity and travel document outside the Nordic countries is their passport. This applies both in airports, ports and at land border crossing points.

The police recommend that you bring your passport when travelling in the Nordic countries as well, to ease the border control.

Expulsion and rejection are powers the authorities can use to deny foreigners to enter or stay in Norway. Rejection is a decision to refuse someone to enter Norway at the border or to order them to leave the country.

Most rejection decisions are made by the police, but the Directorate of Immigration can also make such decisions. Rejected persons can enter Norway once the grounds for the rejection no longer apply.

I want to appeal the decision to reject me at the border. What do I do?

Submit an appeal in writing to the police within three weeks of your rejection. The police will reconsider your case and decide whether to overturn the decision or forward the matter to the Directorate of Immigration. The Directorate's decision is final.