ID check recommendations

  • Request a proof of identity. What makes an ID document sufficient depends on the circumstances of the ID check and must be decided by the person carrying out the check. Documents deemed to be reliable ID documents include passports and ID cards.
  • Check the document for damages. If damaged, you should consider whether or not to accept it as a proof of identity. 
  • Check the information from the ID document:
    • Check the expiry date. 
    • Compare and check all photos for resemblance. 
    • Name and date of birth.

When you have checked the ID document, make sure that the document belongs to the person presenting the document.

  • Check the person presenting the document:
    • Compare the photo in the document to the person in front of you. Is this the same person?
    • Check the height listed in the document. Does it match the person’s height?
    • Question the person about the information in the document, for instance the date of birth.
  • If you have reason to suspect that the document does not belong to the person presenting the document, you should ask someone for a second opinion. 

If you lend valuables to someone it is wise to ask for a copy of his or her ID document. Preserve the copy in compliance with the applicable rules.

ID document control guides

Control guides for how to check Norwegian passports and ID cards are provided on this website. The guides describe the security features of these documents and how to check them.

Lost ID documents query service

From 2021 a digital query service will be made publicly available to enable you to check whether or not a Norwegian passport or ID document has been reported lost or stolen.