DOs and DON'Ts when you are on a river or lake near the border

Any boat you use on a river or lake near the Norwegian-Russian border must first be registered with the Norwegian Commissioner for the Norwegian-Russian Border. It must also have visible registration plates on both sides. The term boat also covers canoes, kayaks and other watercraft. You can use boats on the border rivers during daylight hours. Rules on the distance you must keep away from the border line apply when it is dark. Boats must also be properly lit in the dark.

In some areas of the Pasvikelv river, the border is marked with yellow buoys in the summer season. Some rocks and shallows are marked with black buoys. Take care! Some rocks or shallows may not be marked, depending on whether the water is shallow or deep. The entrances and exits to areas of narrow water are marked with large white buoys.

In areas of "narrow water" in the Pasvikelv river, you are allowed to pass unhindered through the main channel in a boat. You may do so even if that means you must cross the border line. You are not allowed to fish or stop for any reason on the Russian side.

DOs and DON'Ts when you are fishing in a river or lake near the border

You are allowed to fish right up to the border line. But you must know and comply with the regulations for fishing in the Norwegian parts of the Pasvikelv and Grense Jakobselv rivers.

Only Norwegian citizens can fish in the Pasvikelv river above the dam at Boris Gleb. To fish in the Grense Jakobselv river, you must have lived at an address in Norway for the past year. You must also have a valid fishing licence.