Two female representatives from the online patrol
PhotoKristian Badendyck Fjeldstad/The police

Where is the police present online?

It is illegal to send nude pictures to someone under 16, or to someone who hasn't asked for them. It is also illegal to ask someone under 18 for nude pictures.

Do you need help replying to someone who has sent you a nude picture you don't want, or are too young to receive?

Or do you need help replying to someone who has asked you for nude pictures, or other types of sexualised pictures or videos?

Here you will find more information, help and images you can use for your reply.

Examples of applicable legislation:

Norwegian Police Act section 7

Norwegian Copyright Act section 45

Norwegian Penal Code:

An online police patrol is comparable to a police post on the internet. The police give advice on how to prevent crime or tackle specific issues. You are also welcome to contact the online police patrol if you want dialogue with the police.

  • You can contact an online patrol if you have information or tip-offs about crime on the internet.

  • You cannot report a crime or submit applications for permits/visas/passports, etc to the online police patrol.

Online police patrols are part of our currents efforts to put in place a police presence online. These patrols wish to guide the public on the safe, secure and responsible use of the internet and be a visible police service available to the public online.