Politibetjent Kripos

  • Politibetjent Kripos is a Facebook profile used in active online police patrol work to prevent and fight internet-related crime.
  • Online police patrols want to be present in order to engage in open, preventive police work and to prevent undesirable situations.
  • Politibetjent Kripos can seek out known problem areas and enforce the law as necessary, e.g. by asking people to take down illegal content.

Should you encounter any other profiles that claim to be from the police, please alert us.

Contact us

We are available on the telephone when on patrol. Patrol hours will be posted on Politibetjent Kripos' Facebook page. You can also use our email address.

Tel. no.: +47 23 20 84 40.
Email: nettbetjent@kripos.no  
Media: Kripos.info@politiet.no

The Facebook-profile of The Police online patrol
This is what the Facebook-profile looks like.

The police online patrol

The online patrol may be compared to a police post where the public can approach the police for crime prevention advice, guidance on particular issues or dialogue.

  • It receives information or tip-offs about crime on the internet.
  • The online patrol is a daytime service.
  • You cannot report a crime or submit an application to the online patrol.

On the online patrol's Facebook page you will find articles on subjects including safety and security online, internet viruses, children's rights and the internet, crimes such as online scams, illegal image sharing, sexual abuse and blackmail online.

The online patrol – NCIS is part of the priority area 'police presence online'.

We wish to conduct open, preventative policing on a platform frequented by ordinary citizens.We wish to be an active promoter of safe, secure and proper use of the internet, and a visible police force that is available to the public online.

The Politibetjent Kripos Facebook profile is operated by officers from the police online patrol.

Examples of applicable legislation:

Police Act section 7
Copyright Act section 45
Penal Code section 266 (stalking or other frightening conduct)
Penal Code section 267 (invasion of privacy)
Penal Code section 263 (threats)
Penal Code section 264 (aggravated threats)
Penal Code section 266 (repeated stalking or other frightening conduct)
Penal Code section 183 (incitement to commit a criminal offence)