This right is enshrined in the Freedom of Information Act.

Things you should know before asking for access:

  • Public records safeguard personal privacy.
  • Public records do not contain references to criminal cases.
  • You can be given access to the public records for a requested period of time.
  • Please be as specific possible about whom and what the records you would like to access concern, making it easier to find the right documents.

Access to the National Police Directorate's documents

Access to the Police Directorate's documents can be requested via the service e-innsyn.

To gain access to documents dated earlier than 1 April 2011, contact the records service of the Police Directorate:

Access to the police districts' and specialist agencies' documents

Access to the police districts', specialist agencies' and other police units' documents can be obtained by emailing the individual district, agency or unit.

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