• National centre of expertise for the Norwegian police
  • National Cybercrime Centre (NC3)
  • Point of contact for international police cooperation
  • Data controller for national police databases
  • National police forensic laboratory
  • Prevention and security

Criminal investigation

The National Criminal Investigation Service retains excellence in the conduct and directing of criminal investigations, and provides investigative support to local police forces. It has the power to open criminal investigations into organised and other serious crime. These tend to be cases that span more than one police district, that require international cooperation and/or specialist expertise. The NCIS holds national responsibility for investigation of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity committed by suspects staying in Norway.

Forensic science services

The national forensic laboratory performs examinations and analyses of evidence recovered in all types of criminal cases. The NCIS also carries out crime scene examinations at the request of police districts. It analyses all controlled drugs seized in Norway.

Criminal intelligence

The NCIS collects, processes and analyses information on criminal networks and individuals for the purpose of launching criminal investigations, providing up-to-date intelligence to police districts and preparing analyses and assessments.

Technology and operational services

The NCIS provides specialist support in digital forensics, operational crime analysis, interception of communications, covert surveillance, informant handling, witness protection, and investigation support with evidence on the internet.

International police cooperation

The National Criminal Investigation Service coordinates interaction with foreign police authorities and manages a number of international commitments on behalf of the Norwegian police. The NCIS is the national point of contact for international police organisations such as Interpol, Europol and Frontex. It also handles the Norwegian participation in the Nordic Police and Customs Cooperation.

National Cybercrime Centre (NC3)

The NC3 will assist the Norwegian police in investigations and further develop police cybercrime expertise. By preventing, uncovering and investigating threats and crime, the Cybercrime Centre will help make digital space safer.

Other national responsibilities

The NCIS is responsible for the administration and development of the majority of national operational police systems and databases. A national centre of expertise, the NCIS extensively transfers knowledge to local police forces through training courses, lectures and in-service training. It also heads the National Disaster Victim Identification Commission that is mobilised in the event of major accidents and disasters.