The National Police Immigration Service (NPIS) is responsible for detaining irregular migrants and for running both the National Police Immigration Detention Centre at Trandum and the Family Detention Centre at Haraldvangen.

About the National Police Immigration Detention Centre

The Detention Centre is used to ensure that irregular migrants can be returned. Most people stay at the Detention Centre for less than 72 hours. However, the police are allowed to detain people there for a longer period of time. If the police wish to detain the arrested person, they must at the earliest opportunity, and no later than the third day after arrest, bring him or her before the district court along with an application for detention. The police can do so if it is necessary to arrange a person's return or to verify someone's identity. The district court can detain a person for a maximum of four weeks at a time.

The detention centre has 220 beds

The detention centre has a total capacity for 220 detainees. There are also 18 rooms for women and three for unaccompanied children under the age of 18. It also has a separate security wing. The security wing is only used when there is a risk that the detainee could hurt themselves or others, and is only intended for a short period of time. No one must be kept in the security wing for a longer period than necessary. 

Intended for short-stay use

Most detainees only spend a short period of time in the Detention Centre. This affects the way the detention centre is organised. Because the detainees are due to be returned, the centre does not focus on rehabilitation. However, those who spend more than two weeks at the centre are offered some activities.

Healthcare available to detainees

The detention centre has 1–2 nurses on duty during the day, in the evening and at weekends. It is also possible to see a doctor five days a week. The doctor can be contacted by phone 24 hours a day, all year round. Other public healthcare services may be used as needed.

How to contact a detainee

Requests to visit detainees must be made in advance by calling the National Police Immigration Centre. Detainees are allowed to speak with their lawyers on the phone as much as they like. This also applies to contact with their personal representative and other public services. Detainees also have 42 minutes of phone time every week that they can use to talk to family and friends.

About the Family Detention Centre

The Family Detention Centre is located at Haraldvangen in Hurdal. The family detention centre is used to detain families with children until they can be returned. The unit opened at the end of 2017.

The Family Detention Centre can hold two families (10 people in total) at the same time. Each family has two rooms and their own bathroom. They also have access to common areas. The centre has a large outdoor terrace and it is also possible to bring the children to a nearby play area and football pitch.

At the Family Detention Centre, the staff does not wear uniforms and the centre has a civilian feel. The families can move around freely inside the building, but the windows and outer doors are kept locked.

Stays at the Immigration Detention Centre

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Number of people 3266 4182 3191 4112 3183 3070 2641 1133 969