The police received emergency calls at about 18:13 from people in the center of Kongsberg city stating a person was seen walking around with what was supposedly a bow and arrow.

We can now confirm that there are several casualties.

There are also several wounded who have been sent to hospital for treatment.

One person was apprehended at 18:47, and at the moment there is no active search for any further suspects. The suspect in currently in custody at Drammen police station.

- Based on the information we have at the present time; the apprehended man has acted alone. We will also have to look at whether this is an act of terror or not. The suspect has not yet been questioned by the police, and it is therefore too early to say anything about his motivation for his actions, says assistant chief of police Øyvind Aas.

There has been, and there still is a major police activity in the area. The reason for this is that the suspect has moved over a large area, and we are now working on securing evidence and get as much information about the incident as we can, says Aas.

At the present time, this is the extent of the information the police can share. We will release more information as soon as possible.