How to complain about police behaviour

Do you think the police have acted wrongfully, but have not broken any law? You can make a complaint to the police district where the event took place.

You will find contact information for the various police districts here.

Your complaint will be decided by the Commissioner of Police in the police district concerned. The Commissioner of Police will then send you a reply containing the reasons for their decision. The Commissioner's reply must state whether they agree or disagree that the police have acted wrongfully.

It should not take more than a month to consider your complaint. If it is going to take longer, you will be notified.

If you do not agree with the Commissioner's assessment or decision, you can ask the Commissioner to forward your complaint to Norway's National Police Directorate.

How to report a member of the police service or prosecuting authority

Do you think that a member of the police service or prosecuting authority has broken the law while performing their duties? You can complain to the Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs. The term "prosecuting authority" means police prosecutors, regional public prosecutors [statsadvokat] or the Director of Public Prosecutions [riksadvokat].

How to complain about the investigation of criminal offences

Do you think that the police have made a mistake or acted wrongfully in their investigation of a criminal offence? You are entitled to make a complaint. The prosecuting authority deals with all such complaints.

Contact the police where you live for more information about the complaints process regarding criminal investigations.