National Cybercrime Centre

The NC3 was officially opened on 25 January 2019, when it was staffed by 80 employees transferred from other NCIS departments. By the end of 2022, the centre will have grown into the country's national centre of expertise and knowledge in terms of technology-related policing, with about 150 employees. Its skills profile will be interdisciplinary, although the majority of its employees will have policing and/or technological skills and qualifications. The centre is therefore currently on the lookout for potential employees with such backgrounds.

The centre will be a key contributor in securing cyberspace for the country's population and enterprises. Core tasks are to combat cybercrime by means of intelligence, investigation and prevention, as well as to secure digital evidence, update methods and patrol the internet. The centre will play a key role in promoting the exchange of information and interaction between private and public security entities in Norway and abroad. Its goal is to be at the forefront nationally and internationally in detecting and countering threats and crime in cyberspace.

Headed by Olav Skard Jørgensen, the activities of the Cybercrime Centre are conducted within six sections, and three underlying units:

  • Incoming Requests Section

  • Online Police Presence Section

  • Internet Crimes Against Children Section / Intelligence Unit

  • Cybercrime Section
  • Digital Forensics Section / Techniques Development Unit
  • Investigative Support Section / Digital Support Unit