All vacancies are publicly advertised online. You can also follow the NCIS on LinkedIn and Facebook, where select job advertisements and articles about working for the NCIS are posted on a regular basis.

What education do I need to work for the NCIS?

The crime picture is in a state of flux. We consequently cannot say, with any degree of certainty, what skills we are going to need in ten, twenty or thirty years. We may need skills we do not retain today. It is therefore difficult to give concrete advice on the choice of education.

What separates it from the rest of the police service, it that the NCIS supports local forces in cases that have no clear geographic area of impact in a particular police district, cases that require specialist expertise and/or extensive international interaction.

About fifty per cent of the NCIS staff are trained police officers, whereas the other half have different backgrounds (2018). Examples of the latter are chemists, computer engineers, social scientists, linguists, journalists, psychologists, lawyers, bioengineers, photographers, cleaning and maintenance personnel, and economists.

The NCIS Norway has about 600 staff, the gender ratio is 50/50 male/female and the average age is 45 years.

A profiling film made by students feature some examples of professions represented at the NCIS. Most of our staff are graduates of Norwegian educational establishments, but some acquired all or parts of their education abroad. All the NCIS employees must have a clean criminal record and be able to speak and write Norwegian well.